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Snowflake picks Maxa to showcase how companies unlock the full potential of ERP systems
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We provide business performance AI technology that helps organizations gain new insights that drive faster, more profitable results.

Proprietary Technology
Proprietary AI technology built with hard-to-get, real-world business data from 30+ corporate partners.
Proprietary software for extreme automation and continuous improvement.
The Best of the AI Ecosystem
We deliver value-added technology that leverages the world’s strongest, fastest-evolving AI algorithms and components.

Our History

Maxa AI is the offspring of over 15 years of experience delivering solutions for complex enterprise systems. One of the company’s founding beliefs is that ERP systems contain some of the highest quality and most reliable business data insights. Maxa was formed in 2017 and went through a thorough R&D phase to disrupt labor-intensive AI for business and ERP ecosystems. In early 2020, Maxa’s SaaS solution came together offering a new high-impact, cost-conscious alternative for companies wishing to better leverage their ERP data. Maxa AI is backed by seasoned management and tech investors from California, Montreal and London (U.K.).