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Maxa AI reaches $50 billion in annual transactions analyzed and receives significant endorsements

Montreal – July 14, 2020 – Maxa AI, a leading AI platform provider focused on commercial performance for companies, today announced several major milestones.


Over the course of three years, with the support of 25 enterprise customers, Maxa AI refined the development of its machine intelligence and software automation technology culminating in the April launch of its cloud SaaS platform.


David Lafrance, Director of BI and Business Solutions at Harnois Energies, said: “Maxa is the go-to supplier for business AI technology: easy integration, easy to do business with, and compelling results.”


As of this month, Maxa AI will process and analyse its customers’ data transactions exceeding $50 billion annually, firmly placing the platform as one of the fastest growing AI solutions for business performance.


Guillaume Bédard, former practice lead at Deloitte and now Chief Data and Analytics Officer on demand, said: “Maxa shakes the market to its core by automating the complexities and intricacies of business data science. We have all been waiting for someone to solve this puzzle and make AI simple and relevant.”


Maxa AI allows companies to monitor, forecast and optimize their business continually to achieve maximum commercial performance: business, sales and finance leaders can upgrade their current practices in a powerful way. Maxa AI’s applications include razor-sharp monitoring and forecasting of all customers and products, AI-driven price optimisation, automated FP&A forecasts, advertising impact monitoring, and more.


“We are now in a unique position to seamlessly plug into raw business data and drive business value within a few hours, often exceeding the accuracy of multi-month AI projects, and continually self-improving” said Raphael Steinman, CEO.


Mike Lalumière, Vice President of Digital and Technology Consulting at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, and FP&A specialist, said: “Traditional data sources such as ERPs and planning and analytics tools have not kept up well with the enhanced capabilities of predictive analytics and machine learning. Our partner, Maxa AI, offers an AI-powered solution that delivers new ways to ask the “what and why” supporting scenario-based modeling and forecasting processes. We strongly believe that Maxa’s solution is a great supplement to any organization looking to enhance their financial planning capabilities.”


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