Data holds the insights that can enable better decisions; processing is the way to extract those insights and take actions. Humans and AI are both processors, with very different abilities.
HBR - What AI-Driven Decision Making Looks Like - July 2019

We help companies boost their financial performance.

Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) AI platform supports driven executives, savvy power users, and value-added partners who want to offer AI solutions to their own customers.

Businesses come to us to maximize:

Revenue Management
  • Optimize all aspects of pricing, margin, product and more
Forecasting & Monitoring
  • Razor-sharp business forecasting with proactive monitoring
Customer Relationships
  • Retain and grow customers. Stay ahead of the game.
Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Measure the real impacts of online and offline advertising spend
Operational Efficiency
  • Connect commercial and operational events or impacts

A successful approach to business AI

Think Big
  • Embrace AI and advanced data technology.
  • Gain a long term sustainable competitive edge.
  • Build your ‘data equity’ for the next decade.
Start Small
  • Create actionable insights for your top challenges.
  • Discover other quick wins.
  • A safe approach with no financial commitment.
Act Fast
  • Link all your siloed data systems and drive results now.
  • No disruption on IT; no new talent required.
  • Quickly discard weak opportunities.

Maxa Connect

Our platform’s 1st module: smart plumbing that sources raw financial data from any and all systems, and blends them with sales-marketing, operational and/or other siloed data.

Maxa Pulse

Our platform’s second module: automation of advanced statistics that ensures data quality and readiness, as well as explainability, monitoring and auditing of machine learning processes.

Maxa Perform

Our platform’s third module: intelligence technology that delivers forecasts, prescriptive insights, and performance upsides.


  • Executive
    & Non-Profit
  • SME
  • Entreprise
  • Government
    & Large Entreprise
  • Power

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Our solution options are optimized for businesses that are sensitive to operational or capital expenditures.