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Why aerospace leader AJW Technique partnered with Maxa AI for a crucial step in their digital transformation

AJW Technique (AJWT), the maintenance arm of aerospace powerhouse AJ Walter Aviation, provides one of the most impressive showcases of an established global company fast-tracking their digital and business transformation through a major pandemic.

When lockdowns battered the aviation industry and halved aircraft MRO work (maintenance, repair and overhaul), AJWT knew it needed to accelerate its digital transformation efforts. With a sense of urgency, leadership set up a Digital Incubator team led by C-suite executive Sajedah Rustom and Head of Digital, Strategy and Business Development, Monica Badra.

Focusing on streamlining business processes and adopting new technologies, the company tackled a successful multi-stream digital transformation program spanning from asset location tracking applications using RFID, tablet-based software for technician workflows, and pricing and commercial optimization.

Maxa was selected as the partner to drive the third stream – pricing and commercial optimization.  Maxa’s solution, geared towards unlocking untapped value from ERP systems and data, was fundamental in successfully automating key pricing processes – reducing certain quotation times from one day to one minute. Sajedah Rustom commented: “Simply put, this partnership with Maxa has been seamless and led to a huge Digital success for AJWT. The solution leverages Maxa’s predictive intelligence capabilities to improve overall pricing workflow, output, win rates, and elements of parts supply, and unlocks significant additional value from the ERP system, which is core to any business. Maxa’s solution has allowed AJWT to achieve years of transformation in a few months.”