Financial and ERP insights automation

The fastest way to make enterprise data
friendly to business teams and code

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Complex systems need a simple solution

Maxa is a SaaS platform that transforms and blends multiple systems’ raw data into a common, friendly data model. Maxa also automates the extraction of ERP and core systems data into a data cloud with infinite power.

FP&A, BI and data professionals finally have a data platform to outperform and to automate the insights business leaders require to drive improvements in cost, operational efficiency and margins. 


Go from raw data to dashboards & reports by skipping the repetitive work and Excel workarounds.


Track all your business units and link all key systems. Automate dashboards, KPIs and metrics. Go granular. Course-correct.


Software algorithms and predictive analytics require a modern data model. Maxa’s platform provides the go-to foundation for AI/ML automation, RPA, and supercharged data science.


Minimum speed improvement to stand up financial and operational insights, from start to finish.


Business upside – for example, a 4% bid win rate uptick at a global service provider using Maxa ERP data automation to accelerate bid response.



Payroll savings at a manufacturer by automating business intelligence work.


Cash extracted from excess inventory on hand by a CPG distribution company.

The future is headless BI

Enterprise users want to continue using their familiar tools, like Power BI.
They just want easier data and better insights – faster.

Light footprint
running alongside

No major IT project. No upfront spend. No new system to learn.

One single
source of truth

Unify multiple systems with a single source of truth for BI & reporting. Forward-compatible with our advanced analytics suites.

Choose your
BI tools or file outputs

Consume insights the way you want with leading visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau, common spreadsheet and office file formats, database and data warehouse write-backs, or Maxa’s console – you choose.

Different users,
different outputs

With headless BI, different enterprise users can view different insights with their preferred tools.

Start small
and iterate

Align your dynamic BI roadmap with value.

Bring in new data,
scale seamlessly

Support legacy and new systems seamlessly. Integrate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) without major overhauls.

From multiple systems of record to a single system of insights

MUSE: Maxa Universal Schema for Enterprise

Up & running with record speed

Maxa’s Universal Schema for Enterprise (MUSE) is a data framework from the future. It allows us to onboard any ERP or business system. It features software-assisted modeling. It powers better and faster BI, and is compatible by design with AI automation workloads.

No more antiquated data schemas

ERP and similar systems’ data schemas are dated, cryptic and frustrating – even the best of breed. MUSE-powered data is easy to consume, easy to query, and embeds a best-in-class semantic layer that uses common business terms, better aligning data with business workflows.

At last, unify your core systems

MUSE is the most efficient framework to unify two or more core systems – full stop. It can provide a 360-degree view of all your business activities, including complex analytics at the intersection of financial and operational data. Some customers deal with 10+ systems inherited from complex operations or M&A activity.

Success stories across diverse industries

Mid- to large-size organizations trust Maxa with tens of billions of dollars of business data. If your organization has a finance team or runs core enterprise systems, we are a fit.

“By automating sales and inventory analytics, we freed millions of dollars in excess inventory."

“We run the market leading ERP, but Maxa powers our financial data platform."

Ask any ERP integrator – they see first-hand the limitations of leading systems. While ERPs continue to underwhelm customers and drown them in complexity, Maxa’s light footprint frees data and provides the fastest way to make BI more productive and to blend multiple systems.

Why companies and CFOs struggle with their enterprise data

ERP systems contain some of the highest quality and most reliable business data signals and insights that a company owns. But…

Key pain points

  • ERP reporting is weak and incomplete
  • Companies need to deal with more than one system
  • Human financial analysis is manual, scales poorly
  • Cutting edge AI & data science are beyond reach, risky, expensive

Maxa helps

  • Powerful platform that runs alongside key systems
  • Novel tech to unify multiple systems
  • Automated single source of truth; remove repetitive, manual Excel work
  • AI/ML applications built for common ERP data use cases

World class partnerships

We work with the world’s leading enterprise cloud and data players.
Our technology is designed to support legacy and modern ERPs and core systems.

Now a Snowflake Native App

Bring Maxa directly to your enterprise data

Leave your data where they belong

Run Maxa directly in your Snowflake data warehouse. No moving data.

Billing & existing capacity agreements

Use Maxa through your Snowflake agreement for seamless billing.

Maxa is now available in the Snowflake Native App ecosystem
Stand up a cutting-edge financial and operational data platform
  • No new data silo
  • Leading security and governance, under your control
  • Seamless billing