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We are the AI platform for business financial performance.

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We help companies boost their financial performance.

Maxa AI helps companies answer the tough questions that limit their financial performance using AI-powered continuous forecasting, monitoring, and key business driver optimization.

Our slick SaaS-AI platform combines proprietary data automation, warp-speed computing at any scale, and the most aggressive economics in the market.

Businesses come to us to maximize:

Revenue Management
  • Optimize all aspects of pricing, margin, product and more
Forecasting & Monitoring
  • Razor-sharp business forecasting with proactive monitoring
Customer Relationships
  • Retain and grow customers. Stay ahead of the game.
Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Measure the real impacts of online and offline advertising spend
Operational Efficiency
  • Connect commercial and operational events or impacts

We maximize your data’s value to drive actionable knowledge

Maxa Connect

Smart plumbing that sources raw financial data from any and all systems, and blends them with sales-marketing, operational and/or other siloed data.

Maxa Pulse

Automation of advanced statistics that ensures data quality and readiness, as well as explainability, monitoring and auditing of machine learning processes.

Maxa Perform

Intelligence technology that delivers forecasts, prescriptive insights, and performance upsides.

Connect. Get a Pulse. Perform.

We work with your tools.

We integrate and connect with all enterprise or data systems – new and old.
We take security very seriously. We run in our – or your – cloud environment, or on-premise. You decide.
We do not use third party data integration or connectors to move data.

Most companies are already sitting on a ton of pretty banal data that’s full of signal and insights that can be unlocked using machine learning.

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