Companies run Maxa to get more answers from their ERPs about the past, present and future

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Maxa runs alongside existing ERP systems and unlocks value using powerful AI analytics.

ERP systems contain some of companies’ highest quality and most reliable business data insights. Our SaaS platform runs alongside your ERP, POS (point of sale) and core transactional systems allowing you to monitor, forecast and optimize your business with next-generation ‘algolytics’.

Our solution is designed for small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – or business units within larger groups – that operate one or more systems. We service diverse industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, aerospace, online marketing, services, and energy/commodities.



Customers trust us with over $50 billion of annual business data.
We support business leadership as well as teams driving sales & marketing, FP&A (financial planning and analysis), supply chain, operations and BI-analytics.


Know the future: Accurate business & financial forecasting, at scale.


Control your present: Identify and prioritize abnormal activity across all customers, products
and other key dimensions.


Next-gen analytics+algorithms: Find deep data relationships and insights on your business that traditional analytics cannot see.

We simplify ERP plumbing

Our business applications sit on proprietary infrastructure that simplifies the burden of connecting to, and leveraging, ERP/POS systems and data.

Maxa Connect provides speedy connectivity and integration with one or more systems.
Maxa Systems Cloud unifies your data systems as one in an ultra-high-performance environment.
Maxa Compute provides the highest peak power, most stable, and most cost-effective compute platform for AI/ML and ERP data workloads.

It’s not man versus machine; it’s man with machine versus man without.

Pedro Domingos, leading figure in AI and machine learning