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We provide automated machine intelligence technology that drives business performance for companies.

Our AI software platform runs alongside your ERP and POS (point of sale) transactional systems to give them superpowers to monitor, forecast and optimize your business.

We typically support business heads as well as teams leading sales, FP&A (financial planning and analysis), supply chain and BI-analytics.

Our horizontal solution runs at SME and X-large enterprises that operate one or more ERP/POS systems, in diverse industries such as manufacturing, retail, aerospace, online marketing, distribution, energy, commodities, and telecoms.



Customers trust us with over $50 billion of annual business data.


Know the future: Razor-sharp business & financial forecasting, at scale and near-live.


Control your present: Anomaly detection to monitor your business like a hawk, all the time, preemptively. 


Boost outcomes: Optimize pricing. Improve your client-product intelligence. 

Connect and unify your systems.

We support all ERP, POS and similar business transactional systems.

Turn your enterprise systems into overachievers with Maxa AI’s focused business applications.
Leverage our proprietary software for seamless ERP data connectivity & automation.
Run multi-cloud computing that dwarfs the peak power and economics of most modern computing systems.

It’s not man versus machine; it’s man with machine versus man without.

Pedro Domingos, leading figure in AI and machine learning