Automating ERP Financial and Operational Insights

Maxa removes 90% of the effort - from raw systems data to executive insights.

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What's Maxa?

Maxa’s app automates financial and operational (ERP) insights for finance and business teams who are under pressure to assemble, analyze, and deliver actionable insights. Get the information you need to provide strategic guidance to your business.


Increase in velocity, supporting clients with the ability to stand up financial and ERP insights lightning fast.


Aviation specialist  – scored +4% uptick in their bid win rate using Maxa data automation for pricing.


Global manufacturer – low-hanging analyst staff savings with business intelligence automation.


CPG distribution – cash recouped from excess warehouse inventory uncovered with Maxa.

Now a Snowflake Native App

Bring Maxa inside your Snowflake account.

Powered by Snowflake.
Leave your data where they belong

Run Maxa directly in your Snowflake data warehouse. No moving data.

Billing & existing capacity agreements

Use Maxa through your Snowflake agreement for seamless billing.

Maxa is now available as a Native App in the Snowflake Marketplace.
  • Your Snowflake, your security, your control
  • No new data silo
  • Seamless billing

“We were able to automate 90% of our raw data to executive-insights process, delivering a dynamic President’s Flash Report every morning in just minutes. Best of all, the team got their weekends back!”

Success stories across diverse industries

Mid-to-large size organizations trust Maxa with tens of billions of dollars of business data. We work across industries such as Manufacturing & Distribution, Aviation & Defense, Transportation & Logistics, Telecommunications,  Financial Services, Energy & Resources, Retail, CPG, Construction, Real Estate, Software, Hospitality, and Services, to name a few.

“Now, every time we acquire a company, we can integrate their ERP data on Day 2.”

World class partnerships

We work with the world’s leading enterprise cloud and data players.
Our technology is designed to support legacy and modern core systems of record.