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Maxa works across industries, with use cases specific to the needs of your unique business. See more below.


Simplify your data operations, improve supply chain performance and power discrete manufacturing.


Unlock and harness the value of data, to reduce costs and find efficiencies across the entire business.


Visibility into operations, sales, service and supply chains to support the right decisions.


Connect financial and operational data for insights into bottlenecks, before they happen.

Retail & CGP

Simplify data architectures to unlock value and revenue across inventories, supply chains and retail operations.


A mobile world requires always on, easy to access analytics & insights for a connected future.


Finance teams benefit from consolidated views across the portfolio, making M&A even easier.

Ads & Media

Simplify data architectures and connect business outcomes with new personalized experiences.

“Maxa’s platform has revolutionized our reporting and margin tracking processes. With a better understanding of our margin by work order on a daily basis. The system is easy to use and provides real-time insights, allowing us to make informed decisions.”

Devan Haub, CFO, Intech Aerospace

“At the SK AeroSafety group, we generate tremendous amounts of data. With our traditional methods we were unable to process the sheer volume of data and were struggling with heavy Excel files. Maxa helped revolutionize reporting — we now have a full view of all our facilities globally in one streamlined interface — and the ability to benchmark performance and unlock profitability across the Group.”

Ben te Beek, CEO, SK AeroSafety Group

“The breakthrough came with deployment of Maxa’s Native App — this strategic move paid off in just four to six weeks. Hart Print was able to create a unified view of its data landscape by merging information streams from across its critical systems.”

Stephan Sabbag, Head of IT and Data, Hart Print

Why Choose Maxa?

We’re Simple

No matter the location or complexity of your data – Maxa can connect sources from across your entire business into one single, unified analytics dashboard.

We're Fast

Deploy within weeks, not months, and start seeing value immediately. All needed analytics are pre-crunched by Maxa in the Data Cloud. No special skills required.

It's Low Risk

Based on a monthly subscription and with no setup or professional services fees. Simply pay for successful and automated insights generated.

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