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Use your data to build better.

Maxa partners with all manner of Manufacturing organizations — Discrete, Repetitive and Batch — in order to unlock Industry 4.0 and harness the value of their data to optimize for rapid and insightful decisions every single day.

How Maxa Helps Your Manufacturing

Product Portfolio Margin Performance

Daily, deep insights via automation into cost optimizations and reductions. Scrutinize production costs due to fluctuations in labour, materials, 3rd parties and shocks. 

Inventory and Supplier Performance

Quickly analyze safety stock performance to recommend which targets or suppliers need to be modified. Infuse supply agility into the process.

Integrated Demand Planning and Procurement Optimization

Plan better, order better. Align demand forecasts with procurement for optimal stock levels and timely order placement.

"The breakthrough came with the deployment of Maxa’s Native App — this strategic move paid off in just four to six weeks. Hart Print was able to create a unified view of its data landscape by merging information streams from across its critical systems."
- Stephan Sabbag, Head of IT & Data @ Hart Print

Why Choose Maxa?

We’re Simple

No matter the location or complexity of your data – Maxa can connect sources from across your entire business into one single, unified analytics data model.

We’re Fast

Not your normal IT Project. Deploy within weeks, not months. Start seeing value immediately. The data cloud enables pre-crunched data processing that produces lightning quick user experiences — ideal for busy teams.

It’s Low Risk

Based on a monthly subscription and with no setup or professional services fees, and no upfront term or commitment. Simply pay for successful and automated insights generated.

Want to know more?

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