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Maxa closes $2.3M USD funding round to allow more companies to unlock critical intelligence from their enterprise systems

Maxa, the data automation and AI analytics software solution for ERP systems, today announced that it recently closed a $2.3 million USD ($3 million CAD) funding round, bringing total funding to date above $3.8 million USD ($4.8 million CAD).  York IE led the investment, providing rich portfolio experience in B2B enterprise software. New investors also include Graphite Ventures and AQC Capital, as well as a short-list of strategic private investors, including some brought through the Anges Quebec network.

Companies run Maxa to get the intelligence their ERPs and core systems cannot deliver, typically driving a 2% to 15% financial or efficiency upside. Founded in late 2019, Maxa powers regional and global enterprise customers – from mid-market manufacturers to blue-chip telcos. Maxa’s software layer runs alongside one or several ERPs and core business systems: it enables a new breed of BI automation, system unification and predictive AI analytics. As an alternative to pricey, long haul professional services, Maxa’s automated solution is quick to setup and supports a SaaS business model with no commitments.

“We know the ERP space intimately and it is ripe for change,” said Joe Raczka, co-founder, managing partner, and Chief Investment Officer at York IE. “Maxa has impressive technology to unlock critical intelligence from ERP systems. With a team with deep domain expertise and this market, we see tremendous opportunity.”

“We see a strong appeal with manufacturing, distribution and service companies, among others,” said Raphael Steinman, co-founder. “ERPs and core systems contain some of the highest quality data signals that a company owns. Still, most companies pull and run manual BI from cryptic ERP data models, struggle to join-up a few systems, and struggle to embrace machine learning advances to help better monitor and forecast their business.”

Alexis Steinman, co-founder, added: “Just think of a management team with blurred vision from two disjointed systems; or a distributor that needs to constantly reforecast demand for a slew of ten thousand products; or a service company that needs to plan staffing across 100 teams nationwide. Maxa’s software tackles these challenges with better speed, scale, and accuracy, and with a business model that makes sense.”

Maxa intends to use funding proceeds to continue product development and to bolster its North American go-to-market team. For more information about Maxa’s solutions, please visit and book an exploratory discussion through the Contact page.


About Maxa

Maxa is a leading software solution provider for data automation and advanced AI analytics for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and core systems. Companies run Maxa to get the intelligence that their ERPs cannot provide about the past, present and future.  Maxa’s technology also allows companies to unify multiple systems, better and faster. Visit

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Graphite Ventures is an early-stage seeding for scale venture capital firm. Founded in 2021 as an evolution of MaRS IAF, Graphite Ventures is one of Canada’s most active and consistent venture capital funds, having invested in 175 companies over the past decade. Graphite Ventures invests in early-stage B2B SaaS, fintech, proptech, digital health and capital-efficient hardware businesses. For more information, please visit

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